Top Xpel Installers in New Jersey

If you’re ready to take care of your vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. Our team is ready to be your source for quality care and maintenance. Find out why the crew at Dynamic Tint are the prime choice of top Xpel installers in New Jersey.

What Makes Us the Top Xpel Installers in New Jersey

Our Reach
We’ve tinted over 50,000 vehicles in the last 15 years making us the most elite specialist in the area.

Our Roots
Dynamic Tint was built from a roll of tint and a few bucks, housed out of the trunk of a 93 Acura Integra. Our founder Ray continues installing every day and makes sure every job that leaves is the best it could be.

Our Methods
XPEL has the world’s best designers with flawless fitting patterns. As an XPEL dealer & installer, we have access to the DESIGN ACCESS PROGRAM (D.A.P.) This allows us to have immediate control over the world’s largest pattern repository. Using this program, we can pre-cut all of your vehicle’s windows, which makes the install more efficient, but more accurate, aesthetically pleasing, & no risk of cutting your car with knife-less installs.

With over 20 years of hand cutting experience, our technicians are able to hand cut the patterns needed for your vehicle for a factory finish look. Using the best-practiced methods and state of the art film cutting program, customers leave our office with a factory finished look from the top Xpel installers in New Jersey.

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