The Top XPEL Window Film Dealer Of The Year

The Top XPEL Window Film Dealer Of The Year

Dynamic Tint of South Jersey has some exciting news to share – for the second straight year, we’ve been selected as the Top XPEL Window Film Dealer of the Year! This is a prestigious honor that is both humbling and exciting, and we are thrilled to be honored by a company that is so dedicated to first class quality window film products.

Dynamic Tint is dedicated to keeping your vehicle protected, shining and looking great throughout its life, as well as providing tinting services that offer privacy and UV protection. We do it by applying first class window tinting film and paint protection, in a variety of forms for both personal and commercial vehicles. We’ve been proudly serving South Jersey since our beginnings over 15 years ago, and we’ve completed window tint and paint protection jobs for over 100,000 vehicles.

We have always been a proud dealer of XPEL WINDOW TINT & PAINT PROTECTION, because we believe in offering the best to our vehicle owner customers. As our business has grown, we’ve not only become South Jersey’s premier window tinting service, we’re now the largest XPEL Film Installer in New Jersey. None of it would have been possible without the superb team at XPEL and everything they do. Their window film and paint protection products are second to none, and they’re a big reason for our success.

We received the award at the 2022 XPEL Dealer Conference in San Antonio, TX. (You can VIEW HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EXCITING CONFERENCE HERE.) The Xpel company was determined to focus on investment in their company in 2021 like never before, and the results showed in their products and their quality that is as strong as ever. As shown in the conference, Xpel is extremely dedicated to their dealers, and it is truly an honor to be recognized at the ceremony.

We’re A Proud Top XPEL Window Film Dealer – Find Out More Today

At Dynamic Tint, our tinting and paint protection services for your car include:

AUTOMOTIVE TINTING – Block the heat with our top quality XPEL window tinting – and add a factory finish look to your vehicle.

PAINT PROTECTION FILM – We use the most advanced XPEL paint protection film on the market, for maximum protection from elemental factors that damage your paint.

CERAMIC COATING – Protect your vehicle investment from UV rays, insect acids, corrosion and more with our ultra slick and high gloss XPEL ceramic coating service.

If you are interested in finding out more about our first class window tinting services and what we can do for your vehicle’s protection, REACH OUT TO US HERE and schedule an appointment at our WILLIAMSTOWN or MARLTON locations. We’d be happy to show you all of your tinting options and what it can do for your car’s look, safety and value…and the dedication that has made us the Top XPEL Window Film Dealer of the Year for 2021!

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