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Paint Protection Service for Exotic Vehicles

If you own a high end automobile, you’re probably interested in preserving its look and beauty for as long as possible, and that means protecting the exterior paint job above all else. At Dynamic Tint of South Jersey, we provide first class paint protection service for exotic vehicles – not just with premium quality XPEL vehicle protection film products, but also with first class installation service that is second to none in the region.

Your automobile deserves to shine, but as northeast regional residents all know, weather extremes can be tough on it. If your paint isn’t protected, over time the dirt, bugs, and road salt can take away from your car’s luster. Let us protect your paint job for you, and keep your car looking like new for years to come with our first class paint protection film…recommended even by high end vehicle manufacturers like TESLA.

At Dynamic Tint, we are a proud installer of XPEL paint protection film – the highest quality paint protection film products that can applied on partial areas of your car or on the entire car. XPEL’s paint protection film wrap preserves your paint, heals itself from scratches and dings, and stays pristine throughout the worst of our weather. It also preserves your car’s gloss and keeps it looking brand new.

In addition, our partnership with XPEL allows us to take advantage of their Design Access Program, and over 90,000 paint protection kits. We can find the paint protection film that fits your exotic vehicle perfectly, and also speeds up the process of applying your paint protection safely.

Contact Us For Your Exotic Vehicle Paint Protection Service Today!

Make the investment in your vehicle’s beauty and shine now…reach out to Dynamic Tint today and schedule an appointment for our paint protection service for exotic vehicles. We can keep your vehicle shining and standing out for many years to come!

NJ Exotic Vehicle Protection Film

If you are a New Jersey resident, of course you want to preserve the shine of your automobile, through our rough weather extremes and driving on our crowded highways. Dynamic Tint is your easy and convenient choice for NJ exotic vehicle protection film. We have locations in Williamstown and Marlton, and we’ve been helping protect car surfaces for many years now. We believe in giving our customers the best, and that’s why we use XPEL paint protection products.

If you’ve lived in the Garden State for a while, you know what miles of driving on our highways and in our weather can do to your car’s surface. Over time, bug guts, air pollution, rock chips and road debris will damage your paint job and cause it to show its wear.

Why Use Exotic XPEL Vehicle Protection Film?

Your car showing its age doesn’t have to be the case. You can protect your valuable investment with our vehicle protection film applications. Protect just the front and sides of the vehicle or protect the entire vehicle, and you can add our protection film to the inside of your car as well! We place a protective coating of XPEL’s first class paint protection on your car, which preserves your paint, is self-healing, and keeps your vehicle looking effortlessly pristine.

Being an XPEL dealer gives Dynamic Tint access to their Design Access Program (D.A.P.), which means we have access to the largest paint protection pattern repository on the planet…with over 90,000 paint protection kits. This not only speeds up our process in applying paint protection film, but it enables us to install your vehicle protection safely and customize it fully for maximum fit and function.

Our NJ exotic vehicle protection film will preserve your vehicle’s shine, keep it looking brand new, and protect your car from the inevitable dings of driving in New Jersey. Preserve the stunning new look of your car or truck with our first class vehicle protection…reach out to us today for an appointment!

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