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Ultimate Ceramic Coating Armor

Welcome to Dynamic TINT & Paint Protection’s Ceramic Coating page. Our specialized ceramic coating services offer unparalleled protection and enduring brilliance for your vehicle. The coating forms a chemically resistant barrier, enhancing not just the look of your vehicle but also safeguarding it from UV damage, chemical stains, and the impacts of weather. Trust us to provide your vehicle with lasting protection, maintaining its flawless condition and helping to preserve its value over the years.

Coupe Packages


Our Coupe Package is the real deal for your sleek ride. We use Xpel Fusion Plus to give your coupe a killer shine and solid protection. It’s not just about making it look good; we’re talking about a shield that keeps your car safe from the sun and scratches. In the 1 Step Correction, we’ll give your paint a quick but effective fix-up, perfect for cars that are still pretty new. The 2 Step Correction goes deeper, fixing more noticeable wear and tear, making older coupes look brand new.



Sedan/Small SUV Packages


Hit the streets with confidence with our Sedan/Small SUV Package. We slap on some Xpel Fusion Plus to make your daily driver pop with shine and stay protected. The 1 Step Correction is a swift fix for the usual wear, keeping things looking fresh. For cars that have been around the block, the 2 Step Correction gets rid of the rough spots and brings back that showroom feel, tackling deeper scratches and fading.



Large SUV/Van Packages


Our Large SUV/Van Package is perfect for keeping your big buddy looking awesome. We coat it with Xpel Fusion Plus, so it shines like new and stays safe from scratches and sun damage. The 1 Step Correction is great for newer models, giving a quick turnaround on minor paint issues. If your ride’s been through some adventures, the 2 Step Correction is what you need, fixing up the paintwork more intensely to get that fresh-off-the-lot look back.



Full-Sized Truck Packages

Dynamic Ceramic Truck
0CC-TRUCK Covered

Trucks deserve the best, and that’s what our Full-Sized Truck Package delivers. Xpel Fusion Plus goes on to make your truck not just look tough, but be tough against elements. In the 1 Step Correction, we sort out the minor paint issues, perfect for trucks that aren’t too rough around the edges. The 2 Step Correction is the big guns, tackling those tougher blemishes and restoring the paint to make your truck look like it’s fresh from the factory.



Why Ceramic Coat?

Ceramic coating is a protective liquid polymer that bonds with your vehicle’s paint, offering long-term protection. It guards against UV damage, chemical stains, and light scratches, and its hydrophobic properties simplify cleaning and enhance your vehicle’s shine.

A quality ceramic coating can last between 2-10 years with proper care, depending on application quality, exposure to elements, and maintenance.

Paint correction restores and rejuvenates a vehicle’s paintwork, removing imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation.

While not always necessary, correcting paintwork before applying ceramic coating ensures a flawless finish and locks in the paint’s best condition.

You can wash your vehicle post-coating, but it’s advisable to wait at least a week for the coating to fully cure.

The cost varies based on vehicle size, condition, and the specific product used. Contact us for a personalized quote.

About Us.

Dynamic Tint
Passionate Car Care

Dynamic TINT & Paint Protection is more than just an auto detailing service. We are a team of certified experts focused on providing premium ceramic coating services. With our use of superior products renowned for their self-healing and durable qualities, we apply a glossy, protective layer to your vehicle, ensuring it stays in prime condition. Rely on us for exceptional service, backed by the assurance of up to an 8-year warranty on all our ceramic coating applications.

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About Us.

Premium Ceramic Coatings

At Dynamic TINT & Paint Protection, we are committed to preserving the beauty and integrity of your vehicle’s exterior. Specializing in paint correction and ceramic coating, we customize our services to ensure your vehicle always looks exceptional. Our team expertly corrects any paintwork imperfections, preparing it for a durable ceramic coating. This not only offers robust protection but also deepens the color vibrancy, giving your vehicle a sleek, captivating finish. Trust Dynamic TINT & Paint Protection for a showroom-fresh appearance every day.

The Process.


Every ceramic coating service at Dynamic TINT & Paint Protection begins with a thorough decontamination process in our state-of-the-art detailing facility. This includes a meticulous two-bucket wash, iron and fallout remover application, and a clay bar treatment to ensure your vehicle is immaculately clean and prepped.

We assess each vehicle individually for paint correction needs, based on the severity of micro-marring. Our technicians skillfully restore and rejuvenate the paintwork, eliminating surface imperfections that dull, oxidize, or haze the surface, ensuring a flawless base for the coating.

In this crucial step, we thoroughly clean all surfaces of the vehicle to remove any remaining wax and contaminants. This ensures that the ceramic coating will adhere properly and perform at its best.

Once the vehicle is fully prepped, we apply a single, uniform application of the ceramic coating. This is done meticulously to cover all visible surfaces, including windows, wheels, door jams, and exhaust, providing comprehensive protection and enhancement.

After application, the vehicle is kept in our facility overnight to allow the coating to cure properly. It is then reinspected the next morning by our team to ensure the curing process was successful and that the finish meets our high standards.

Choosing Dynamic TINT & Paint Protection for your ceramic coating means entrusting your vehicle to experts who value precision and quality. From start to finish, our process is designed to deliver the best results, ensuring your vehicle looks stunning and is protected to the highest standard.


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