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We currently have two locations – our headquarters is in Williamstown & a satellite store in Marlton.

We are open at Williamstown Tuesday through Friday 9AM – 6PM & Saturday 9AM – 4PM.
Sundays & Mondays we are closed.

Marlton we are open Tuesday through Friday 9AM – 6PM & Saturday 9AM – 4PM.
Sundays & Mondays we are closed.

Both of our locations work by appointment and we do offer same day service, however sometimes our days are fully scheduled.

In some cases, we may have availability to do it the same day you are looking to come in but we can not promise anything especially specific times. We always recommend calling and making an appointment ahead of time.

We recommend dropping off vehicles for majority of scheduled appointments. All of our services take anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours.

If for whatever reason you need to wait, we have a very comfortable waiting room with couches, TV, & wifi as well as a separate room if you needed to do any work on a laptop.

Yes. It is 10% off of every service.. a form of ID must be shown.


In the State of New Jersey, it is illegal to have tint on your front two doors and windshield without a medical exemption.

Yes – Xpel Automotive Film comes with a transferable lifetime warranty. The warranty covers any peeling, bubbling, cracking, or turning purple that may occur.

We also offer a lifetime warranty on any installation issues that may cause blemishes or premature film failure such as bubbling, fingering, or peeling.

You must wait 48 hours after your car is tinted to roll your windows down.

Everyone’s eyes are different, therefore we can not guarantee clear sight during all conditions once your windows are tinted. The darker shades do cause some visibility issues, but it depends on the person’s vision at the end of the day.

Window film is applied to the inside of your windows.

You can wash the exterior of your car immediately after your appointment.

However, you must wait one week to wipe the inside of your windows and make sure you do not use any ammonia based products.

Anything ammonia free is safe to use on your windows. 

We have the capability to do both, however we always computer cut our patterns unless computer generated patterns are not available. Hand cutting is a second alternative in our shop.


For Ceramic Coatings, typically we will need your vehicle for 3 days. Weather can delay the process and additional days may be needed.
For Paint Protection Film, we will need your vehicle for an absolute minimum of two days, however it varies on the amount of coverage you are getting.. A full car wrap takes more time than just a bumper.

The ceramic coating is guaranteed four years, but can last up to ten years if taken care of properly and depending if the car is garage kept.

The paint protection film is guaranteed ten years.

Yes – Xpel Fusion Plus comes with a four year comprehensive warranty.

Yes – Xpel Fusion Plus comes with a ten year comprehensive warranty.

Once your vehicle is ceramic coated, you must use ceramic coating safe soaps. The two bucket hand wash method or just power washing your car from a 2 foot distance is also okay.

Automatic car washes are prohibited and will void your warranty if you go through one.
Touch-less car washes where it only shoots the water & soap, not the brushes, are an okay alternative as well.


For push to start vehicles, one of two options happen once the remote start is activated and you open your driver door.

1. The vehicle will shut down and you will have to restart it like you normally would.

2. The vehicle will stay running and you are able to get in and drive like normal without restarting it.

We have no control over what the outcome is, it is all based on your vehicle’s year, make, & model.

It all depends on the vehicle’s programming and climate control settings.

If you leave your heat on and shut your vehicle down then restart it and it is still on, then your heat and defrosters will be activated when remote starting your vehicle.
However, this means that you need to turn everything on before exiting your vehicle for the next time you start you vehicle.

If your heat and defrosters must be turned on every time you restart your vehicle, then unfortunately they will not come on when your vehicle is remote started.

The purpose of the remote start is to warm up your vehicle’s engine so you can get it and drive it. Any additional accesories are a bonus.
Yes – we, Dynamic Tint, give you a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor pertaining to your remote start system.
Depending on the model you pick, Compustar remotes also come with either a 1 year warranty or 3 year warranty for any remote defects. This does not cover physical damage of the remote or loss.

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