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Dynamic Tint is your destination for South Jersey XPEL tint dealers. We value the expression of giving your vehicle the look you want. For auto enthusiasts, their vehicle is an extension of who they are: whether its a nod to a hobby, in memorium, or connected to fandom, using your vehicle as a canvas has become widely popular to make it more than just a tool- its YOU. For some its a simple feature that only close ones will recognize, for others it’s an ongoing project.

The toughest part is finding where and who to take your vehicle to. Sure, the area is filled with people who have a moniker of being professional and offering the best, but how trustworthy are their techs and materials? Are you really getting the best bang for your buck? Most car appreciators work from the ground up on their vehicle, enjoying every step of the process. Wouldn’t it make sense to take your car to a place with like minded roots? With Dynamic Tint, you get just that.

Any auto enthusiasts knows that for tinting, XPEL is the way to go.

Dynamic Tint was built from a roll of tint and a few bucks, housed out of the trunk of a 93 Acura Integra. Couple with an unmatched work ethic, Dynamic Tint has grown to be your #1 choice for automotive protection, remote starts & window tinting for your car, home or office. With Dynamic Tint, you get a promise that guarantees everything we do to be the best in installation.

We’ve tinted over 50,000 vehicles in the last 15 years making us the most elite specialist in the area. With a team of installers having a combined 50 plus years of knowledge in the South Jersey, Philadelphia, & Delaware region our facility is second to none.

Between our two locations in Williamstown or Marlton we have successfully achieving a 4.9 star rating and have been rated #1 in the area. That’s because we only use the best window tint on the market – XPEL PRIME AUTOMTIVE WINDOW TINT.

Dynamic Tint offers a transferable lifetime warranty for mishaps and defects such as:

  • Bubbling
  • Peeling
  • Fading
  • Color change

Using the best practiced methods and state of the art film cutting program, customers leave our office with a factory finished look from the top South Jersey XPEL tint dealers.

South Jersey XPEL Tint Dealers


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