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For seventeen years, Dynamic TINT & Paint Protection has set the standard in automotive tinting across South Jersey, Philadelphia, and Delaware. With a team boasting over fifty years of combined experience, we’re not just another tint shop — we’re the most qualified in the region.

Rear Half Package

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Transform the look and feel of your vehicle’s rear section with our Rear Half Package. This package includes the precise application of top-quality tint to your vehicle’s rear side and back windows. The tint not only significantly cuts down on heat and glare but also blocks harmful UV rays, providing a more comfortable and cooler interior. It also enhances the privacy and elegance of your vehicle’s rear section.


Full Package

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Our Full Package offers a complete makeover for your vehicle with a uniform tint application on all windows. This comprehensive service utilizes premium-quality tint, dramatically reducing heat and glare while offering full UV protection. Enjoy a consistent, sleek appearance and enhanced privacy throughout your vehicle, making every ride more enjoyable and secure.


Windshield Package

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Opt for our Windshield Package to upgrade your driving experience. We apply a high-grade tint to your front windshield, significantly enhancing visibility by reducing glare and blocking UV rays. This service ensures you enjoy a safer drive with a cooler cabin, without compromising on clarity and visibility.


Sunstrip Package

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The Sunstrip Package is a stylish addition to your vehicle, targeting the upper part of your windshield with a sleek, protective tint strip. This subtle enhancement greatly reduces eye strain by mitigating sun glare, especially during sunrise and sunset, improving both comfort and safety during your drives.


Sunroof Package

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Enhance your vehicle’s sunroof with our Sunroof Package. We apply a premium tint to the sunroof, effectively reducing heat transmission and shielding against direct sunlight. This not only keeps your car cooler but also adds a touch of sophistication to your vehicle’s overall aesthetic.


Why Window Tinting?

In today’s world, privacy is a valued commodity. Window tinting acts as a barrier, obscuring the view into your vehicle’s interior from the outside. This added layer of privacy can help deter potential thieves who may be tempted by visible belongings inside your car. Furthermore, it provides a more discreet, personal space for occupants, making every journey more comfortable and secure.

The sun’s UV rays are not only harmful to skin but can also cause significant damage to your vehicle’s interior, leading to fading, cracking, and deterioration of upholstery. Our high-quality tints block up to 99% of these harmful rays, protecting both passengers and the interior of your vehicle.

By blocking a substantial amount of solar heat, window tinting helps maintain a cooler and more comfortable environment inside your vehicle. This reduces the need for constant air conditioning, thereby improving fuel efficiency and reducing energy costs.

Glare from the sun or headlights can be a major distraction and hazard while driving. Tinted windows reduce this glare, making for a safer and more comfortable driving experience, especially under bright conditions or at night.

By protecting the interior from sun damage and enhancing the vehicle’s exterior appearance, window tinting can play a significant role in maintaining or even increasing your vehicle’s resale value.

Window tinting adds a sleek, sophisticated look to your vehicle. With a variety of shades and finishes available, you can customize your vehicle’s appearance to reflect your personal style.

In the event of an accident, window tint films can help hold shattered glass together, reducing the risk of injury from flying shards.


Ride In

XPEL offers a wide range of window films to personalize and safeguard your vehicle. Their collection ranges from nearly invisible films for heat and UV protection to darker shades for privacy and style. Including PRIME CS, XR, XR Plus, and XR Black, XPEL provides options from standard to advanced ceramic film for top-notch heat rejection. Whatever your preference, from subtle elegance to pronounced privacy, XPEL has the perfect tint. At Dynamic TINT & Paint Protection, our experts will help you choose and install the ideal XPEL tint for your vehicle’s needs and your personal style.


Dynamic Tint
Headlight & Taillight Tinting

Don’t stop at window tinting! Complete your vehicle’s transformation with our Headlight and Taillight Tinting services. Dynamic TINT & Paint Protection specializes in applying XPEL Slate film to your vehicle’s lights, offering a sleek look coupled with added durability. Visit our Headlight and Taillight Tinting page to see how we can give your vehicle a unique and protective finish

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Check Out Your vehicle Before You Book

Check Out Your vehicle Before You Book

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Benefits of
Computer-Cut Films

Dynamic Tint’s automotive window films offer vital protection against harmful UV rays, an often-overlooked threat to both drivers and vehicles. By effectively blocking up to 99% of these rays, our high-quality films provide essential health benefits by reducing the risk of skin damage, while also preserving the interior of your car from fading and deterioration. Choose Dynamic Tint for a window tinting solution that offers more than just aesthetic enhancement — it’s about comprehensive care for you and your vehicle.

Each tint is tailored to the unique contours of your vehicle, providing a perfect, edge-to-edge fit that manual cutting can’t match.

By eliminating the need for hand-cutting on your vehicle, we significantly reduce the risk of accidental scratches or damage during the installation process.

Computer-cutting allows for a faster, more precise installation, meaning you get exceptional results in less time.

UV Protection.

Health & Comfort

Dynamic Tint’s window films effectively block harmful UV rays, safeguarding your skin and preserving your car’s interior. Our films offer a dual benefit: protecting your health and maintaining your vehicle’s longevity.

Extended exposure to UV rays is a leading cause of skin cancer and premature aging. Our window tint blocks up to 99% of these rays, significantly reducing your risk and safeguarding the health of everyone inside the vehicle.

UV rays can cause the colors of your car’s interior fabrics and materials to fade and degrade over time. Our films help preserve the vibrancy and condition of your interior, maintaining your vehicle’s value and appeal.

By filtering out UV rays, our tints maintain a cooler cabin environment, reducing glare and eye strain during driving. This results in a more pleasant and comfortable journey, especially on sunny days.

With reduced heat penetration, our tints help lower the interior temperature of your car, thereby decreasing the need for air conditioning. This can lead to better fuel efficiency and a more eco-friendly driving experience.

About Us.

Dynamic Tint
Quality Vehicle Protection

At Dynamic TINT & Paint Protection, we take great pride in offering top-tier window tinting services, featuring the industry-leading technology of XPEL window films. Recognized for their excellence in the automotive industry, XPEL’s products stand out for their exceptional clarity, superior heat rejection, and protective qualities for your vehicle’s glass.

XPEL’s diverse range of films cater to both your style preferences and specific needs, enhancing your vehicle’s appearance while guarding against intense sunlight and damaging UV rays. Our skilled professionals at Dynamic TINT & Paint Protection are thoroughly trained in the precise application of these advanced films, ensuring flawless integration and alignment with your vehicle. Your satisfaction is our foremost goal, achieved by our commitment to outstanding service, meticulous attention to detail, and the superior performance of XPEL window films.


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