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Upgrade your driving experience with Bray Super Stretch from Windshield Skin. Offering state-of-the-art protection that’s both innovative and cost-effective, Dynamic TINT & Paint Protection brings you the ultimate solution for safeguarding your windshield without breaking the bank.

Why Bray Super Stretch?

Windshield Skin is a revolutionary product designed to protect your vehicle’s windshield. It’s a highly durable, transparent film developed by Bray Super Stretch, offering superior protection against chips, cracks, and environmental damage. This advanced film technology is engineered to seamlessly adhere to your windshield, providing a protective layer that maintains optical clarity while enhancing the overall safety and longevity of your windshield.

Bray Super Stretch is renowned for its exceptional durability. Its advanced composition is resistant to scratches, chips, and weathering, maintaining its integrity and protective qualities over time. This resilience ensures your windshield is safeguarded against everyday driving challenges and harsh environmental conditions.

Clarity is paramount with Bray Super Stretch. The film is designed to be optically clear, ensuring it does not impair your vision while driving. Its high-quality material maintains transparency and does not yellow over time, preserving the natural view through your windshield for safer and more enjoyable driving experiences.

Bray Super Stretch offers advanced protection for your windshield. It acts as a strong barrier against road debris, reducing the risk of chips and cracks. The film’s thickness and strength absorb and disperse the force of impacts, keeping your windshield intact even under harsh conditions.

Installing Bray Super Stretch is a straightforward process, thanks to its innovative stretchable material. This ease of installation means a perfect, bubble-free fit every time, without the need for extensive modifications or tools. Our professional team at Dynamic Tint can install it quickly and efficiently, ensuring a seamless finish.

Bray Super Stretch is built to last. With proper maintenance, the film can protect your windshield for an extended period, often outlasting your vehicle’s stay with you. It is also easy to clean and maintain, requiring no special products or treatments, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for long-term windshield protection.

Windshield Skin.

Dynamic Tint
Windshield Skin

Windshield Skin, by Bray Super Stretch, is a revolutionary film technology designed to protect vehicle windshields. This transparent, ultra-durable film offers superior defense against road hazards such as chips and cracks, while maintaining the windshield’s clarity and appearance. Notable for its self-healing properties, Windshield Skin effectively heals minor abrasions over time, ensuring the windshield remains clear and unblemished. It’s a modern solution for drivers who prioritize safety without compromising on their vehicle’s aesthetic. Easy to maintain and built to last, Windshield Skin represents the forefront of automotive protection, blending innovation with practicality for enhanced driving safety and vehicle value preservation.

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In the diverse world of vehicles, each type demands its unique care and protection. Bray Super Stretch is versatile enough to cater to this variety, offering specialized applications for a range of vehicles. From the daily-driven passenger cars to the rugged trucks and SUVs, each application is meticulously designed to fit the specific contours and needs of the vehicle. For the high-speed enthusiasts, Bray Super Stretch provides race cars with unparalleled windshield protection without compromising on performance. It also extends its superior protection to larger vehicles like RVs and commercial trucks, ensuring safety and clarity in all conditions. This adaptability makes Bray Super Stretch an ideal choice for any vehicle, guaranteeing top-notch windshield protection tailored to each unique automotive lifestyle.

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